Hydra-Guard LLC

Hydra-Guard LLC has licensed a novel composition from the LSU AgCenter for the development of high-electrolyte bottled sports drinks and dehydrated sports drink powders. The composition was developed by John Finley, Joan King, Darryl Holiday and Alfredo Prudente at the LSU AgCenter School of Nutrition and Food Science. It helps provide superior electrolyte and potassium content to better support athletes before, during and after heavy activity. In addition to drinks, the company has also developed a novel hydrating mouth guard product that can consistently deliver refreshment to athletes throughout practices and competitions. Hydra-Guard LLC was established in 2013 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by local entrepreneur and CEO Joseph Tucker and is looking to make a strong play for the sports drink market with its Hydra-Guard Recharge sports drink.

To find out more information about Hydra-Guard Recharge sports drink, visit:

To find out more information about the Hydra-Guard mouth guard, visit:


By: William Baumgartner, Benedict, Dirk

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